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ORSA Annual (16/17 October 2005 )Trip in Detail

16th October 2005, Sunday

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Bus Starts Up
The day started with members and families arriving at the Kandy Scout Headquarters building in the early morning. It was a very busy site people pulling out their bags from their vehicles and packing them in the bus waiting to carry the team.

The bus was getting full and some were finding difficult to find a seat. At around 7.30am all were in place and the bus slowly started on the way. Since most of the members were meeting each other after some time, they were engaged in pocket meetings forgetting that they were going in a group trip.

We were going towards Randenigala on the Raja Mawatha, and the crowd was beginning to feel their hungers building up since many had come with out any breakfast. Several parcels of Sandwiches and biscuits were passed through and kept the most complaining little ones busy.

Organisers decided to stop for breakfast at a place near Theldeniya. Several members had brought in bread and curries, others with Sandwiches, Manioc etc. We all shared the breakfast and all were with full stomachs in no time. Then we had a cup of black tea from the nearby hotel to complete the breakfast. Mmm to me this was a super breakfast.

Randenigala Dam
Our next stop was Randenigala Dam.

Mr Aloka Prerea had arranged with the relevant authorities for us to visit to the Dam and one of the senior officials accompanied us to the Dam. First we went on to the Dam and the Officer explained about the operations of the Dam the different components and the reservoir etc.

The Service Tunnel
Then we moved towards the service tunnel of the Dam which was running through one bank of the Dam. Wow it was dark, and fully granite. The Dam uses the tunnel to measure the pressure levels, water leakage levels etc. We had to descend through a long narrow block of stairs and was horrifying and a thrilling experience for us. Once at he bottom the crowd were exhausted and were panting.

When the officer lit up the next part of the Tunnel all shouted oooh., to see another block of similar steps running up. Fortunately this time we did not have to climb much, since half the way the steps were over and the tunnel was flat. We visited several locations of the tunnel in which sophisticated equipments were in place to obtain readings of the Dam and the reservoir.

The tunnel came to an end and we arrived at the bottom of the Dam on the other side. From here we could see the Dam which is of rock filled type and the power station. We were not allowed in to the power house and headed back to the Bus fully exhausted.

Then we started towards Bandarwela.

Lunch Time
Even though the bus was driving fast the members were fully involved in singing and joking throughout.

We stopped by the road at a Temple to have lunch at around 2.30pm. The area was covered with a slow shower at the time. We unpacked the big baskets which carried the food. Then we arranged a buffet type lunch for the members which all enjoyed.

After lunch we arrived at Badulla. However due to the heavy rain prevailed we dropped the idea of visiting the Muthiyangana Raja Maha Vihara and continued to Bandarawela.

Night Stay At Bandarawela
At Around 5.30pm we arrived at the Guest House at Banadarawela, which was booked by us. The place was an nice place with ample rooms to accommodate ourselves. The group dived in to their rooms for a hot bath and to have a change. When we came out after a wash the kids were having a great time shouting and running here and there, the hotel looked like a nursery.

Then members came to the restaurant for a tea. Some were running through the newspapers to glance the news and some were watching the news on TV. Until the Dinner was ready the senior members got together at the ground floor for friendly chat.

The dinner was served around 9’o clock. We had hoppers and rice for the dinner. The food was good and warm, since it was cold outside. Soon after the dinner ladies and children went to their rooms for a good night sleep. The gents followed around an hour later after finishing their all-important discussion.

17th October 2005, Monday

Wake Up Call
It was pretty oblivious that all members were up at 7am and having the bed tea despite the cold and wet weather. After some time I found out that Mr Kulasooriya – Chief Organiser had performed the wake up bell by banging on the room doors. After about an hour all members were ready on the bus to start the second day.

We stopped by the way after passing The Diyathalawa Army Training School for the Breakfast. We had Bread and curry as the usual breakfast. After that crowd were busy taking group photos for their albums.

Addisongs Bunglow
The next stop was the ancient and picturesque Addisons Bungalow. The Mansion, which is made out of solid rocks, was a colonial building built for a tea planter. Presently it is owned by the Catholic Church and is well maintained.

The building is situated in a mountain and you get a very scenic view of the surrounding mountains at one side, the beautifully maintained gardens add more color to the Mansion.

Then we started towards Nuwaraeliya.

Huggala Gardens
When we were arriving in NuwaraEliya the rain was in full force. When the organizers were thinking of bypassing Huggala Gardens the little ones shouted they want to go. Despite the rain members got down the bus with Umbrellas.

After several minutes the rain slowed down and members had a good time walking through the beautiful flowers and plants.

Lunch At Victoria Park
We bought lunch packets from Nuwaeliya town and stopped at Victoria Gardens for lunch.

Even though the weather was wet and cold the members were fortunate to have a rain free time to have the lunch. The time was around 4’o clock. After lunch the kids had a great time at he kiddies corner at he park, while the young members had a walk in the Park. Some of the crowd went shopping at nearby Nuwaeliya town.

Heading Back
When we started after lunch it was almost 6.30 pm and was late for the return journey. On the way back members stopped at Vegetable boutiques for fresh Nuwaeliya Vegetable.The crowd was busy singing loud on the way back, and several round of sweets were served.

Back In Kandy
When we arrived in Kandy the time was 10.30pm. The crowd hurried home since most had to start a busy working day on the following day.

Thank You
We all wish to thank the Chief Organiser Mr Kithsir Kumasooriya- Hony Treasurer ORSA and the other organisers for organizing up a very successful event.


10th Exco Meeting ORSA

The 10th Exco meeting of the Old Rajans Scout Association(ORSA) is scheduled as follows.

Date : 30th October 2005

Venue : Lake View Park International Scout Center, Dharmaraja College, Kandy

Time : 9.30am

Please note that this will be the last committee meeting before the AGM., hence presence of all the exco members expected.

By order of Secretary ORSA

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Great Trip - Great Break - Continues

Visit the follwing link to see the photos of The Annual Trip of The Old Rajans Scout Association on October 16 & 17 2005

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Great Trip – Great Break – ORSA

The ORSA Annual Trip to Bandarawela and Nuweraeliya
16th and 17th of October 2005

The Old Rajans Scout Association Annual Trip was real success with an encouraging participation of over 50 members and their families.

The trip covered following places.

Randenigala Dam
Banadarawela (Night stay 17th )

Addism Bungalow - Nuwaraeliya
Huggala Gardens - Nuwaraeliya
Victorial Park Nuwareliya

I wish to thank the Chief Organiser Mr Kithsiri Kulasuriya and the committee for a good job done.

Await more detailed version and more photos shortly.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Old Scouts Annual Trip -2005 (17-18 October)

The Annual Trip - ORSA - October 17th and 18th (Sunday, Monday) - Badulla/Bandarawela

ORSA memebrs will flock to the "Fun Bus" for their annual trip on 17th Saturday,running from Kandy to Baddulla and Bandarawela. They will camp(probably in a hotel room ) and retrurn on Monday the 18th.

Stay tuned for more news after the trip.