Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Annual December 31st Camp Fire 2005 - 1st Kandy Dharmaraja Scout Group

The Annual December 31st Camp Fire of the Dharmaraja Scout Group held at Dharmaraja College with the participation of Dharmaraja Collge Scout Group, Old Scouts Association and Parents.

The event kicked off with opening of the fire through a torch coming down on a cable, which was a spectacular view. The Group Scout Leader Mr Sarathath Mataraarachi opened the fire.

The scout troops performed Drama Items, songs and yarns. They were interesting and entertaining.

The GSL said that the year 2005 was a very successful year for the 1st Kandy Scout Group and the arriving year 2006 will bring more success to the 1st Kandy Group and the scouts and wished the group a prosperous new year, on his concluding note.

The fire concluded around 8pm in the evening.

Congratulations to the organisers for a very successful event.

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Sunday, December 25, 2005

The ASL Training Camp 2005 December 24 & 25th - 1st Kandy Dharmaraja Scout Group

The Assistant Scout Leaders Training Camp of The Dharmaraja Scout Group was held on 24th and 25th of December at Lake View Park International Scout Center – Dharmaraja College Kandy as scheduled.

Around 25nos of Assistant Scout leaders of Dharmaraja Scout Group attended the camp.

The camp started at 6pm on 24th Saturday December 2005 at the Lake view Park International Scout Center. The main resource person for the camp was Mr Sarath Matharaarachchi the Group Scout Leader Of Dharmaraja College a key member of the National Training Committee of Sri Lanka.

The President of the Old Scout Association Mr Kithsiri Kulasooriya was also present at the commencement with other Old Scout officials. Mr Kulasooriya highlighted that The Old Scout Association and the College Scout Group should work very closely to carry out their respective events successfully through out the year and The Assistant Scout Leaders are the link between the two associations.

Several lectures and workshops were carried out to improve the knowledge and to boost up the moral of the Assistant Scout Leaders. The annual plan of the year 2006 for the 1st Kandy Dharmaraja Scout Group was finalised at the camp.

The event was organized by the Senior Assistant Scout leaders, Mr Namal Palliyaguruge, Mr Saliya Dahanayake, Mr HarSha Ukuwela and the team.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

ASL Training Camp Dec 24 & 25th

An Assistant Scout Leaders Training Camp is scheduled for the 24th and 25th Of December 2005 at Lake View Park International Scout Center.

All Assistant Scout Leaders are invited for the camp. The camp will start at 4.00pm on 24th Saturday.

Please call Namal Palliyaguruge on 0779217630 or Saliya Dahanayake on 773541246 for more details.

Monday, December 05, 2005

First Commitee Meeting of ORSA 2005-2006

1st Executive Committe meeting of the newly appointed Year 2005-2006 office bearers of ORSA (Old Rajans Scout Association) held at the kandy District Scout Headqauters at 9.30am on 4th December 2005, Sunday.

Mr Kithsuri Kulasuriya - Hony President, Mr Aloka Perera- Hony Secretary, Mr Suminda Vitahnarachchi- Hony Treasurer, Mr Sarath Mataharaarachci - GSL Dharmaraja Collge, Mr Shantha Madurawe - Asst Chief Commissioner- Sri Lanka Scouts and committe memebers were present.

The annual programme was discussed and the meeting was very active and interetsing with new commitee memebrs coming up with bright ideas for the betterment of the ORSA.

The annual programme will be made available on the blog once its published. Stay tuned ....

Saturday, November 19, 2005

The 27th AGM Of The Old Rajans Scout Association 2005

The 27th AGM Of The Old Rajans Scout Association 2005

view all photos at yahoo photos

The AGM of the Old Rajans Scout Association was held at Crystal Gate Reception Hall Ampitiya on 12th November 2005 at 7pm. It followed the Annul Parents and Old Scouts Day Ceremony of The 1st Kandy Dharmaraja Scout Group, which was held at Dharmaraja College Auditorium on same day evening.

The event received a memomorable participation over 150 mainly due to the influx of new members. The Chief Guest for the Old Scouts and Parents Day Mr Vijith Malagoda The Assistant Solicitor General a Old and an Old Scout whoand aChif Guset was scedued to attend the AGM as the Chief Guest but had to leave for Colombo for an urgent commitment.

Mr Badnara Weerasekera – Former Group Scout Leader, Mr Shantha Madurawa – Assistant Cvhief Commissioner Sri Lanka and Distrcit Commissioner Kandy, Mr Sarath Matharaarachi – Group Scout Leader and Assistant District Commissioner – Kandy and many other distinguished Old Scouts were present.

The highlight of the evening was the presenting felicitation souvenirs to veterans of the Old Rajans Scout Association. The following Veterans were felicitated at the ceremony.

Mr Anura Muwandeniya

Mr Jayasena

Mr N Jayawardena

Mr Sarath AMatharaarachchi

The Agenda was as follows.

  • Scout Oath
  • Welcome Address by The President Mr Sadara Thennakoon
  • Minutes Of the Previous AGM By The Secretary Mr Kithsiri Kulasuriya
  • Summarised Annual Report by The Secretary
  • Annual Income and Expenditure Report by The Treasurer Mr Upul Dayananda
  • Suggestions and New Proposals
  • Felicitating the veterans of Old Scout Association
  • Address by The Group Scout Leader Mr Sartha Matharaarachci
  • Address by The Asst Chief Commissioner Mr Shantha Madurawa
  • Address by The Principal Mr S Keerthirathne
  • Nominating the Next Years Executive Committee
  • Address by the New President Mr Kirthsiri Kulasuriya
  • Address by the New Secretary Mr Aloka Perera
  • Fellowship Dinner

A two-piece band backed the fellowship dinner and the members entertained themselves by dancing and singing. Especially new members had a great time. The fellowship dinner was served along with music and entertainment. The event concluded around 12.30pm.

Hurrah for the Organizing committee for an successful event.


The Summarised Annual Report which was presented at The 27th Annual General Meeting of The Old Rajns Scout Association.

We are proud to celebrate today, the 27th milestone of our journey which begun in November 12th 1978. If we turn back towards our journey it is very clear how great the achievements and the services rendered by the Old Rajans Scout Association . The association is committed to keep up Lake View Park Scout Center at its best and assisting the College Scout Group at its every endeavourer. Further the association is the key to build relationships among the members. Whilst committing towards its objectives we would like to present the summarized report of the last year.

We wish to cordially welcome Mr Vijith Malagoda, Old Rajan- Old Scout – The Assistant Solicitir General Of Sri Lanka The Chief Guest for the event together with all distinguished guests, members and their families.

Executive Commitee

We were able to hold 10 executive committee meetings this year. In keeping with the objective to build stronger relationships among the members, we had several meetings with the participation of family members follwed with a fellowship dinner. We wish to thank Mr Dudley Amarasinghe, Lalith Kuathunga and Sarath Kothalawala and the Young members of the Association for organizing and sponsoring such special meetings.

The Life Membership

Thirteen members obtained the Life Mebership this year. Mr Dileepa Wijesinghe, S C Deshapriya, R M N Rajanayake, Akila Charles, E A N Weerakkody, K D P Hemachadra, R M I A B Rathnayake, C L B Pethiyagoda, V D B Heenkenda, B M Mendis, H M I U B Heartah, R D H U Harishrandra, A M N K B Senevirathne.

Religious Activities

The activities of the year started with a Pirith Preaching followed by an alms giving at The Lake View Park Scout Centre. This is the second consecutive year which this ceremony was organized jointly by the 1st Kandy Dharmaraja Scout Group and the Old Rajans Scout Association.

Community Development Programmes

The Old Rajans Scout Association together with the the 1st Kandy Dharmaraja Scout Group organized a relief aid programme for the Trincomalee District Deserters from the Tsunami disaster. We were able to build many sanitary facilities for the community with the equipment collected by us. Our Special thanks go to Major Ravidra Perera Of Sri Lanka Armay a Old Scout , Mr Sudarman Nadaraja of UNICEF organization for providing us with facilities to organize the project, and wish to thank all Old Rajans Scouts participated for the event.


As per the tradition, ORSA was able to organize both the Day Trip and the Two Day Trip this year.

The Day trip covered Norton Bridge, Lakshapana Reservoirs & Power Houses and Kithulgala. The participants were able to gain valuable knowledge about the power houses at Laxapana Power Station. Mr Aloka Perera Old Scout who works for the CEB has obtained authority to visit the power house and we wish to thank Mr D B Dissanayake – Mechanical Engineer CEB, Mr Senevirathne Of CEB and Mr S S B Karunarathne the Chief Engineer – Laxapana Power House for their assistance.

The two day trip covered Randenigala Reservoir, Badulla, Bandarawela, Haputhale and Nuwara Eliya. The group got an opportunity to visit the operating tunnel of the Randenigala Dam and to visit many important places on the areas visited. Our sincere thanks go to Mr Rohith aAruppola – Chief Engineer Randenigala Project, And Mr Thilak Jayasiri – Group Scout Leader St Thomas College Bandarawela for their assistance.

Traditional New Year Festival

The Annual New Year Festival organized by the association was held at Pallekelle Scouts Ground. This is manly aimed for the children of the members as an entertainment event. ORSA wish to thank the organiseres Mr Saliya Dhanayake, Mr Namal Palliyagruruge, Mr Gayan Gunawardena and the team for a very successful event. Further association thanks Mr Upul Dayananda, Mr Suminda Vithanaarachchi , Mr Darshana Samararathne for sponsoring the gifts and Mr Dasanasiri Dasanayake for providing the lunch.

Special Projects

The Association printed a school bag for the Dharmaraja College schoolboys. This enabled the students to obtain a bag with the College Colors and crest at a lower cost. It also enabled the association to raise funds. We thank Mr Shantha Madurawa, Mr Sadara Thennakoon and Mr Asitha Edirsooriya for providing the capital to start up the project. We suggest this project to be continued for the future as a fundraiser for the association.

Further the Association commenced operating a Communication Shop at the Lake View Park Scout Center as a Long term fundraising project.

Annual Cricket Match

The annual Cricket Match with The 1st kandy Dharmaraja Scout Group was held at Mahaweli Uyana Grounds at Aruppola. We wish to thank Mr Priyantha Molligoda Old Rajan for sponsoring the event and Mr Suminda Vithanarachi for coordinating the sponsorship. Further the association thanks the Scouts participated for the match.

Special thanks go to Mr Asitha Edirisooriya for providing the participants with lunch.

The Dharmaraja Founders Day

The annual alms giving organized by the Association to commemorate Mr Henry Steele Olcott the founder of Dharmaraja college, was organized at the Asgiriya Mahavihara for 110 incumbents. The association specially thanks the Principal for his assistance, the college staff, Mr Asitha Edirisooriya for organizing the event and the members & families participated for the event.

Lake View Park International Scout Center

It’s our sincere responsibility to protect and develop the Lake View Park Scout center the official Scout Center of the 1st Kandy Dharmaraja Scout Group. The association is engaged in operating continuing projects to develop the park. This year the association organized a Tree Planting Project at the Lake View Park. Old Rajan Mr Kavan Karalliyadda donated us with valuable plants for the project; we wish to thank Mr Thissa Jayasinghe for providing us with residents of the Open Prison for assistance.

The Foreign Branches

We are presently operating branches in Australia, USA and Canada. The USA and Canada branches were formed in this year and we wish to thank Mr Shantha Madurawa for initiating ,the opening of branches and Mr Lalith Perera a resident old rajan scout for promoting the branches.

Further we wish to highlight the financial assistance provided to us by Mr Mahinda Bandara Godakale a scout parent employed in Italy.

Annual Inter Troop Competitions of 1st Kandy Dharmaraja Scout Group

The members were engaged in participating as judges for the annual inter troop competitions. However the member participation were low and we have to pay more attention for the event in coming years.

The Best Scouts Awards

The best scouts awards presented annually by the Old Scouts Mr S K Madurawa, Dr S Dolaphilla, Mr Asitha Edirisooriya, Mr Saminda Basnayake and Mr Aruna Gunasinghe were presented this year too. We wish to thank them for sponsoring the awards and wish to congratulate the scouts who obtained the awards.


The association congratulates Mr Sarath Mataraarachi Group Scout Leader for being elected as the Assistant District Commissioner – Kandy District and Mr Sarath Kumarasinghe for being elected as a Headquarters Commissioner of the Sri Lanka Scouts Association.


Our heartiest condolences for the following,

  • Passing Away of Mr H.M. Gunarathne – Assistant Scout Commissioner – Kandy District,
  • Passing Away of Mr W M A Bandara – Assistant Scout Commissioner – Kandy District,
  • Passing Away of Mother of Mr T.C. Mel one of our veteran members,
  • Passing Away of Father Of Mr Mahesh Ranathunge – Member ORSA,
  • Passing Away of Father in Law of Mr Sarath Mathaarachci- GSL and ORSA Patron,
  • Passing Away of Mother Of Mr D Dhanapala- Assistant Scout Commissioner – Kandy District,
  • Passing Away of Former Governor of Central Province – Mr Monty Gopallawa a well-wisher and promoter of Scouting movement.


We wish to thank Mr Vijith Malagoda Old Rajan- Old Scout, Assistant Solicitor General of Sri Lanka who participated today as the Chief Guest, The Principal Mr S M Keerthirathne who is always prepared to assist the association, Assistant Chief Commissioner – Sri Lanka Scout Association Mr Shantha Madurawa, The Group Scout Leader Mr Sarath Mathaaraarachchi, The President of Old Boys Union, Patrons of the Association. Members of the association and all who helped us in numerous ways.

Thanking You,

Yours In Scout Service,

Kithsiri Kuasuriya
Hony. Secretary

Sadara Thennakkon
Hony President

(The summarized report was obtained by the annul AGM souvenir)

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Scouts Parents And Old Scouts Day 2005, 12th November 2005- detailed

The annual Scouts, Parents and Old Scouts Day of 1st Kandy Dharmaraja Scouts Group was held at Dharmaraja College Auditorium on 12th November 2005 at 3.00pm.

Mr Vijith Malalgoda, The Assistant Solicitor General Of Sri Lanka, a old Boy and a Old Scout Of Dharmaraja college was the Chief Guest. Mr Bandara Weerasekera – Former Group Scout Leader and Kandy District Scout Leader, Mr S M Keerthirathne – The Principal of Dharmaraja College, Mr Shantha Madurawa – Asst Chief Scout Commissioner Sri Lanka and District Scout Commissioner – Kandy. Mr Sarath Matharaarachchi – Group Scout Leader, Mr Sadara Thennakoon – President of Old Rajans Scout Association and many other Scouts and Girl Guide leaders, Old Scouts, Parents and Scouts were present at the event.

The event was more colorful by the Computer Graphics and multimedia content projected to the large screen by the senior Scouts. The Principal, The Group Scout Leader, The Asst Chief Scout Commissioner, The President Of Old Rajans Scout Association and The Chief Guest addressed the audience.

Mr Vijith Mallagoda – The Chief Guest emphasized the training which he obtained from Scouting and from Dharmaraja college as a whole was the key for his success, for him to climb up his career ladder.

The scouts who have won the Gold Star, The District Scout Commissioner’s Award, The Presedent’s Scout Award were presented with their respective badges and cords at the evening. Further the winning troops on the Annual Troop competitions were awarded with their pennants and trophies.

Mr Asiri Samarakoon a Scout Leader from the Dharmaraja Scout group was awarded the Wood Badge the highest award which could be obtained by a Scout Leader.

The Scout’o Rajans the official band of The Dharmaraja Scout Group performed several musical items, and the winning performances on the Song competition of the annual inter troop scout competitions were performed which were highly appreciated by the audience. The Girl Guides of The St Anthony’s Girls College – Katugastota performed a dance item.

view all photos of Parents And Old Scouts Day At Yahoo Photos

(Await more news, photos and name lists of awards winners will follow in the next post.)

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Olcott Trophy Cricket Tournament Dec 2-4

The Henry Stele Olcott commemorative Cricket Tournament organized Jointly By the Dharmaraja Cricket Foundation with Parent Union & Branch Unions of the Dharmaraja OBU will start on 2nd Decmber 2005 and will continue until 4th December 2005 at Asgiriya Cricket Stadium, Kandy.

The event is organized annually among the Old Boys of Ananada – Colombo, Nalanada- Colombo, Dharmaraja- Kandy , Maliyadeva- Kurunegala, Dharmashoka, Rahula – Mathara, Mahinda- Mathara and Dharmapala of Pannipitiya since 1999.

The tournament will comprise of Old Boys limited over cricket tournament as well as the School boys six-a-side- champ trophy and will be played on a knockout basis.

Match Draw
1st match – Dharmasoka Vs Rahula
2nd Match- Ananda Vs Dharmapala
3rd Match – Mahinda Vs Nanalada
4th Match – Maliyadeva Vs Dharmaraja

Mr J B Talwatte will be the Chief Guest, Former SSP and Dharmaraja Old Boy who has led Dharmaraja Cricket team in 1943 and have scored a century in same year in the Big match against Kingswood College.

This year the Dharmaraja Old Boys Team will be captained by dashing batsman Chapa Weerarathne who represented the school from 1982 to 1984, with Anura Fernando, Ananda Ekanayake, Ajith Narampanawa, Asanga Dissanayake, P Alwis, D Kahawatte, G Ranaraja, Mahinda Pethiyagoda, Nandana Kanagarathne, V Gunarathne, Priyantha Weragoda, Ranjith Herath, K Ulapanawa, Saman Rathnayake, Senaka Dissanayake, Senarth Jayasundera, Udaya Yatawara, Prasanna Watawela, Malraj Weerakoon, Sarath Munaweera and Harold Ranasinghe.

All are invited for the tournament…………..
(Source : Sunday Observer, 6th Nov 2005)

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Scouts, Parents and Old Scouts Day 2005

The scouts , Old Scouts and Parents Day -2005 of The 1st Kandy Dharmaraja Scout Group is scheduled for the Saturday 12th November 2005 at The Dharmaraja College Auditorium.

More news will follow.


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Thursday, October 27, 2005

ORSA Annual (16/17 October 2005 )Trip in Detail

16th October 2005, Sunday

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Bus Starts Up
The day started with members and families arriving at the Kandy Scout Headquarters building in the early morning. It was a very busy site people pulling out their bags from their vehicles and packing them in the bus waiting to carry the team.

The bus was getting full and some were finding difficult to find a seat. At around 7.30am all were in place and the bus slowly started on the way. Since most of the members were meeting each other after some time, they were engaged in pocket meetings forgetting that they were going in a group trip.

We were going towards Randenigala on the Raja Mawatha, and the crowd was beginning to feel their hungers building up since many had come with out any breakfast. Several parcels of Sandwiches and biscuits were passed through and kept the most complaining little ones busy.

Organisers decided to stop for breakfast at a place near Theldeniya. Several members had brought in bread and curries, others with Sandwiches, Manioc etc. We all shared the breakfast and all were with full stomachs in no time. Then we had a cup of black tea from the nearby hotel to complete the breakfast. Mmm to me this was a super breakfast.

Randenigala Dam
Our next stop was Randenigala Dam.

Mr Aloka Prerea had arranged with the relevant authorities for us to visit to the Dam and one of the senior officials accompanied us to the Dam. First we went on to the Dam and the Officer explained about the operations of the Dam the different components and the reservoir etc.

The Service Tunnel
Then we moved towards the service tunnel of the Dam which was running through one bank of the Dam. Wow it was dark, and fully granite. The Dam uses the tunnel to measure the pressure levels, water leakage levels etc. We had to descend through a long narrow block of stairs and was horrifying and a thrilling experience for us. Once at he bottom the crowd were exhausted and were panting.

When the officer lit up the next part of the Tunnel all shouted oooh., to see another block of similar steps running up. Fortunately this time we did not have to climb much, since half the way the steps were over and the tunnel was flat. We visited several locations of the tunnel in which sophisticated equipments were in place to obtain readings of the Dam and the reservoir.

The tunnel came to an end and we arrived at the bottom of the Dam on the other side. From here we could see the Dam which is of rock filled type and the power station. We were not allowed in to the power house and headed back to the Bus fully exhausted.

Then we started towards Bandarwela.

Lunch Time
Even though the bus was driving fast the members were fully involved in singing and joking throughout.

We stopped by the road at a Temple to have lunch at around 2.30pm. The area was covered with a slow shower at the time. We unpacked the big baskets which carried the food. Then we arranged a buffet type lunch for the members which all enjoyed.

After lunch we arrived at Badulla. However due to the heavy rain prevailed we dropped the idea of visiting the Muthiyangana Raja Maha Vihara and continued to Bandarawela.

Night Stay At Bandarawela
At Around 5.30pm we arrived at the Guest House at Banadarawela, which was booked by us. The place was an nice place with ample rooms to accommodate ourselves. The group dived in to their rooms for a hot bath and to have a change. When we came out after a wash the kids were having a great time shouting and running here and there, the hotel looked like a nursery.

Then members came to the restaurant for a tea. Some were running through the newspapers to glance the news and some were watching the news on TV. Until the Dinner was ready the senior members got together at the ground floor for friendly chat.

The dinner was served around 9’o clock. We had hoppers and rice for the dinner. The food was good and warm, since it was cold outside. Soon after the dinner ladies and children went to their rooms for a good night sleep. The gents followed around an hour later after finishing their all-important discussion.

17th October 2005, Monday

Wake Up Call
It was pretty oblivious that all members were up at 7am and having the bed tea despite the cold and wet weather. After some time I found out that Mr Kulasooriya – Chief Organiser had performed the wake up bell by banging on the room doors. After about an hour all members were ready on the bus to start the second day.

We stopped by the way after passing The Diyathalawa Army Training School for the Breakfast. We had Bread and curry as the usual breakfast. After that crowd were busy taking group photos for their albums.

Addisongs Bunglow
The next stop was the ancient and picturesque Addisons Bungalow. The Mansion, which is made out of solid rocks, was a colonial building built for a tea planter. Presently it is owned by the Catholic Church and is well maintained.

The building is situated in a mountain and you get a very scenic view of the surrounding mountains at one side, the beautifully maintained gardens add more color to the Mansion.

Then we started towards Nuwaraeliya.

Huggala Gardens
When we were arriving in NuwaraEliya the rain was in full force. When the organizers were thinking of bypassing Huggala Gardens the little ones shouted they want to go. Despite the rain members got down the bus with Umbrellas.

After several minutes the rain slowed down and members had a good time walking through the beautiful flowers and plants.

Lunch At Victoria Park
We bought lunch packets from Nuwaeliya town and stopped at Victoria Gardens for lunch.

Even though the weather was wet and cold the members were fortunate to have a rain free time to have the lunch. The time was around 4’o clock. After lunch the kids had a great time at he kiddies corner at he park, while the young members had a walk in the Park. Some of the crowd went shopping at nearby Nuwaeliya town.

Heading Back
When we started after lunch it was almost 6.30 pm and was late for the return journey. On the way back members stopped at Vegetable boutiques for fresh Nuwaeliya Vegetable.The crowd was busy singing loud on the way back, and several round of sweets were served.

Back In Kandy
When we arrived in Kandy the time was 10.30pm. The crowd hurried home since most had to start a busy working day on the following day.

Thank You
We all wish to thank the Chief Organiser Mr Kithsir Kumasooriya- Hony Treasurer ORSA and the other organisers for organizing up a very successful event.


10th Exco Meeting ORSA

The 10th Exco meeting of the Old Rajans Scout Association(ORSA) is scheduled as follows.

Date : 30th October 2005

Venue : Lake View Park International Scout Center, Dharmaraja College, Kandy

Time : 9.30am

Please note that this will be the last committee meeting before the AGM., hence presence of all the exco members expected.

By order of Secretary ORSA

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Great Trip - Great Break - Continues

Visit the follwing link to see the photos of The Annual Trip of The Old Rajans Scout Association on October 16 & 17 2005

More photos

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Great Trip – Great Break – ORSA

The ORSA Annual Trip to Bandarawela and Nuweraeliya
16th and 17th of October 2005

The Old Rajans Scout Association Annual Trip was real success with an encouraging participation of over 50 members and their families.

The trip covered following places.

Randenigala Dam
Banadarawela (Night stay 17th )

Addism Bungalow - Nuwaraeliya
Huggala Gardens - Nuwaraeliya
Victorial Park Nuwareliya

I wish to thank the Chief Organiser Mr Kithsiri Kulasuriya and the committee for a good job done.

Await more detailed version and more photos shortly.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Old Scouts Annual Trip -2005 (17-18 October)

The Annual Trip - ORSA - October 17th and 18th (Sunday, Monday) - Badulla/Bandarawela

ORSA memebrs will flock to the "Fun Bus" for their annual trip on 17th Saturday,running from Kandy to Baddulla and Bandarawela. They will camp(probably in a hotel room ) and retrurn on Monday the 18th.

Stay tuned for more news after the trip.

Monday, September 26, 2005

1st Kandy Dharmaraja Scout Group -The Group Camp

1st Kandy Dharmaraja Scout Group
The Group Camp- 2005

Venue : Lake View Park – Dharmaraja College

Date/s: 21st September 2005 to 25th September 2005

Programme (Summarised)

21st September - Wednesday :

Setting Up Camp
Evening –

22nd September - Thursday :


23rd September - Friday

Starting of Pioneering Projects

24th September - Saturday

Inter Troop Competitions
Camp Fire

25th September – Sunday

Hike to Alagalla Mountain Peak

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Change Of Venue - Annual Group Camp & Troop Competitions

The Group Camp venue has been changed to Lake View Park Dharmaraja College.

Troop competions will be held on Saturday 24th At College.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Group Camp -2005 - Dharmaraja Scouts

The Group Camp of the 1st Kandy Dharmaraja Scout Group will be held at Giradurukotte from 21-25th September 2005.

The Annual Inter Troop competitions are also planned to be held at the camp this year. Mr S Matharaarachchi – Group Scout Leader invited Old Scouts to visit the Camp on 24th Saturday and assist the Inter Troop Competitions.

(If you are planning to visit the camp on 24th Saturday please email/call me on /0773-154473 or any Old Scout Official to arrange a suitable transportation arrangement)

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Old Scouts Committee Meeting Sunday 11th at 3PM

ORSA Executive Committee Meeting: 11th Sunday 3pm:Lake View Park International Scout Center

The executive commitee of the Rajans Old Scouts Association, met at the Lake View Park International Scout Centre after the tree-planting programme carried out by the old scouts in the morning.

The Group Scout Leader Mr Sarath Matharaarachchi also participated for the meeting.

The Tree Planting Project at Lake View Park Scout Centre

Tree Planting Project:LakeView Park:11th SundaySeptemmber:Organised by ORSA (Old Rajans Scout Association)

The Old Scouts planting trees at the hills again.

The Old Scouts got together on Sunday 11th morning for another tree planting project at the Lake View Park Scout Centre. Despite the rainy weather Old Scouts were able to carry out the programme successfully. Mr Ajith Jayasekera warden of the Park encouraged and guided the Old Scouts at the project.

The plants were donated by one of our Old Boy Mr K Karalliyadda, Thank you Mr Karalleyidda.

The project was followed by lunch and the Committee meeting of the Old Scouts Association.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Annual Training Camp Troop No10

The Annual Training camp of the Troop No 10 - of 1st Kandy Dharmaraja Scout Group

Venue : National Training Centre Camp Grounds at Pedro, Nuwara Eliya.

Dates : 18th to 21st August 2005

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Old Rajans Scouts Association Cricket Fever Continues

Old Rajans Scouts Play a Team : Dharmaraja Cricket Foundation Six a Side Cricket Tournament :6th August 2005, Open Prison Grounds, Pallekelle.

It was back to back cricket for the ORSA. Just finished one match last week and this week another at Mega level. The ORSA played a team at the Six a Side Softball Cricket tournament organized by the Dharmaraja College Cricket Foundation.

The event was open for all Dharmaraja College Old Boy Groups & Associations. The event which was organised for the second consecutive year by the Dharmaraja Cricket Foundation, with the objective to build up relationships among all Groups and Associations of the Dharmaraja Old Boys. It was held at the Open Prison Grounds at Pallekelle, Kandy all day on 6th August 2005.

Old Boys Union (Mother Union) – Champions
Past Prefects Association Of Dharmaraja College – Runners Up
Group 91
Group 86
Old Rajans Scout Association
Colombo Branch Of Dharmaraja Old Boys Union
Principals Team
COM Rajans (Rajans at Commercial Bank)
Old Rugby Association Of Dharmaraja

Reported by Amila Vithanaarachci – Thank you Amila ..

Saturday, August 06, 2005

ORSA EX-Co Meeting 6th August 2005

OBU Head Quaters Kandy (Picture left: Dharmaraja OBU Head Quaters Building, kandy, Sri Lanka)

The Executive Committee of the Old Rajans Scouts Association met today, 6th August 2005 at the OBU Headquaters at 5.30Pm.

Ex co memebers were present at the meeting.

Next Exco meeting is scheduled for 4th September 2005 the venue will be notified later.

Dharmaraja Scouts Website

Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Old Guys Still Can Play

Old Scout Aloka Perera Trying Hard with Batpicture(left): Old Scout Aloka Perera Trying Hard with Bat

The Old-Rajans Whitewash Present-Rajans: The Annual Friendship Cricket Match , Mahaweli Uyana Grounds, Watapuluwa. 31st July 2005

The Old-Rajans-Scouts team whitewashed the Present-Rajans-Scouts team at the Annual Friendship Cricket match played between the College Scout Group and The Old Rajans Scouts Association. The event took place at “Mahaweli Uyana” grounds at Watapulawa, Kandy on 31st July 2005.

Picture(Right): Scout Buddika With The BallPicture(Right): Scout Buddika With The Ball

Two matches were played and the score board read as follows,
15 Overs Match : Old Scouts Scored 90runs and Present scout were only able to score 72 runs in return.

----Drink Break -----(Drinks Sponsored By Pure Beverages Company)
Its Drinks Timepicture (middle): Drinks Time

10 Overs Match : Old Scouts batting First scored 99 Runs and Present Scouts scored only disastrous 28 Runs.

Over thirty Old Scouts and twenty present scouts were present at the event, along with the family members of the Old Rajans Scouts. Mr Sarath Mataraarachchi the Group Scout Leader of The College scout group was also present.

The Crowd watching The MatchPicture (Left):The Crowd watching The Match

After the match Old Rajan Scout –Asitha Edirisuriya hosted a fellowship lunch for the participants at his residence. After lunch Old-Rajans-Scouts enjoyed a sing-a-song session until 6pm in the evening.

The match was a very successful event and big BRAVO for the organizers.

Ariel View Of The matchPicture(Center): An ariel View of The Match

Dharmaraja Scouts Web Site

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Annual Health Camp Of Dharmaraja Scouts

The annual Health camp organised by the 1st Kandy Scout group is scheduled for 21st of July 2005, at Monaragala.

More news will follow soon.

Dharmaraja Scouts Web Site

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

ORSA organises A Dana For Dharmaraja Founders Day

Event : Dana for 100 Incumbents at Asgiriya Maha Vihara to commerate the Dharmaraja College Founders Day which falls on 30th June (Mr Henry Steel Olcott)

Time/Date: Around 11.00 - 12.00Am on 29th Wednesday June 2005

Venue : At Asigiriya Maha Vihara, Asgiriya

Organised by : The Old Rajans Scout Association

Organisers invites every one to participate for this event...

Troop No 9 Offers Gilanpasa(Refreshments ) to Natha Devala

Event - Offering of Gilanpasa(refreshments) for the People observed sil

Date Time : Evening , 21st June 2005 (Poson Full Moon Poya Day)

Location : Natha Devala Premises, Kandy

Organised By : Troop No 9 scouts Of Dharmaraja College

Monday, June 20, 2005

Mal Dansela at Dlada Maligawa @21st June 2005

Event : Flower Dansela

Place and Date : Dalada Maligawa, Kandy . Morning hours on 21st June 2005 (Poson Full Moon Poya Day)

Organised by : Troop no 4 Dharmaraja Scouts

Sunday, June 19, 2005

ORSA EX Co Meeting 18th June 2005

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(Pic:participants signing the register)

The Executive Commitee Meeting of The Old Rajans Scout Association took place on 18th Saturday evening at the Vocational Training Institute at Ketwawala LeWela.The venue was sponsored by Mr Lalith Kulathunge - The Director Of The Institute(Old Scout Exco Member)

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(Pic:The Meeting was well served)

A get together and a dinner was hosted by Mr lalith Kulathunge & Mr Kothalawela after the meeting.

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(Pic:Mr Sarath Kumarasinghe on A point)

The Exco memebrs and family memebers particiaopeted for the evening. The occassion was well organised by the hosts.

Thank you Mr Kulathunge and Mr Kothalawela for an memorable evening

Monday, June 13, 2005

ORSA Commitee Meeting Confirmed for 18th June

The Old Rajans Scout Association Commitee meeting is confired for 18th Saturday June 7Pm at Vocational Traning Centre Ampitiya.

A fellowship dinner hosted by mr Kulathunge will follow the meeting.

All ORSA commitee members are invited.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

The Next ORSA Comitte Meeting -

The Next executive commitee meeting of the Old Rajans Scouts Association is provissionly sheduled for the 18 The June 2005.

After the meeting a fellowship dinner hosted by Old Scout Mr Kulathunga will be held.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


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The Proposed Pool

The Colombo Branch of Dharmaraja College O. B. U. is making arrangements to stage the ‘Keerthi Gee’ concert at 6.45 p.m. on 28th May 2005 at the Bishops College Auditorium, Colombo 7, to raise funds for the planned Swimming Pool for Dharmaraja College, Kandy a project undertaken by the Colombo Branch.

Keerthi Pasqual the solo performer at this concert is a singer and a musician of great distinction and is one of the most popular if not the most popular singer today in the country who has returned after a 4-year lapse abroad and has taken the youth of the country by storm. The concert too is very popular and the many performances he has had so far have been to packed houses. Further he is a ‘Rajan’ who has brought credit to his ‘Alma Mater’ by his prowess as a talented singer and a musician.

Although swimming Pool seems a luxury in terms the high cost of investment, there is no argument to the fact that a Swimming pool for Dharmaraja an institution of such magnitude is an essential requirement not only for competitive swimming as a sport but also as an essential extra-curricular activity which all students should indulge in as it helps both character building and inculcating self-confidence from the formative age. Hence the reason for our Branch to embark on this very ambitious, a vitally important project for our ‘Alma Mater’.

We realize that the investment cost is quite high and with our efforts so far we have been successful in raising a larger percentage of the estimated cost for the project. With the anticipated success of this fundraising event we are of the firm belief that we would have the necessary funds to complete the first stage of the project, which is the Pool with the purification equipment and the Changing Rooms. We therefore request you to assist this worthy endeavor by being a co-sponsor to this musical extravaganza by donating Rs 250,000.00 for our Swimming Pool Project.

We are looking for Co-sponsors. They will be entitled for the following privileges at no extra cost: -

· Two complimentary tickets in the front row for the concert.
· Print the logo of your esteemed establishment on the 5000 posters that will be displayed in the City of Colombo.
· Print the logo of your esteemed establishment on 50 banners to be displayed in the City of Colombo.
· Print the logo of your esteemed establishment on the two 20’ x 10’ ‘Hoarding Boards’ to be displayed in two prominent places in Colombo.
· A full page advertisement in the Souvenir to be printed for the occasion.
· To display a banner at the Bishops College Auditorium on the day of the concert.
· Announcements by the compeers during the concert.

The Cheque may be drawn in favour of Dharmaraja College Development Fund which is an Approved Charity by the Department of Inland Revenue.

Colombo Branch is looking forward for everybody’s generous participation to make this show a financial success.

Visit Keerthi's Web Site >>

"Please note this news item is extracted from the web site. The official site of The Colombo Old Boys Union Of Dharmaraja College.."

Old Scouts Executive Commitee Meeting 2005-05-14

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-----The Elephant Walk Inn - Venue for the Executive Commitee Meeting ----

The Executive Commitee Meeting of Old Rajns Scout Association was held at Elephant Walk Inn At Gannoruwa on 14 Satarday May 2005 at 7Pm.

The Organisers held a fellowship dinner for the members and their families after the meeting.

A paduru party entertained the members.

You can view photos at Executive Commitee Meeting Photos

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Rajans Old Scouts - Sinhala & Hindu New Year Festival –2005

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"Blind Fold Youghert Serving To The Partner" A Couple Competition At The Festival

View Photos Of New Year Festival

The proceedings started around 9’o clock and the participation was around 75 with members and the family memebrs.

The event kicked off by the start up briefing by the Organisers and lighting up the Traditional Oil Lamp.This was followed by inviting the participants to enjoy the Avrudu Tea Table with traditional sweets.

After the tea the competitions started.Competitions were diveded as Childrens, mens, Womens, Couples and Open.The lunch was served at around 1.30Pm.

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Photo : "The Kotta Pora" Children enjoys.....

The Prize presentation ceremony started at approximately 3.30Pm and the occasion was concluded by the President’s vote of thanks.

-------Thank the lord for giving a warm atmosphere without rains.------

Special Thanks Go to :
The Organising Committee for a well organised festival.
To the Old Scouts who donated prises for the events
To Mr Dasanasiri Dasanayake for providing Lunch
To The Kandy District Scout Association and the Warden and the Staff of The Scout Development Centre Pallekelle

To all who helped for the event